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     State Association "Vitebsk concern "Meat and dairy products" - is one of the largest associations of meat and dairy industry in the Republic of Belarus.  ISO-9001quality management system is implemented at every enterprise, HACCP food safety system is implemented at the next enterprises: 

Open Joint Stock Company “Vitebsk meat-packing plant”

Unitary production enterprise “Glubokoye Meat-processing Factory”

Production unitary enterprise "Miory meat processing and packing factory"

Production unitary enterprise"Orsha meat- packing factory"

Open Joint-stock Company "Verkhnedvinsk butter-cheese plant"

Open Joint-stock Company "Moloko", Vitebsk 

Unitary production enterprise"Glubokoe dairy-canning factory"

 Brunch "Lepel Plant of Dairy Products" OJSC “Vitebsk meat-packing plant” 

Open Joint-stock Company "Orsha dairy industrial complex"

Unitary enterprise "OrshaCheeseFactory"  

 Unitary production enterprise"Polotsk dairy Plant"

Open Joint-stock Company "Postavy dairy factory"

Municipal Unitary Production Enterpise "Confectionery factory "VITBA"

Open Joint-stock Company "Glubokskiy feed factory"

Open Joint-stock Company "Polotsk combine of bread products"

Brunch "Miorsky feed factory" OJSC "Polotsk combine of bread products"

Production unitary enterprise "Vitebsk combine of bread products"

Open Joint-stock Company "Vitebskhlebprom" 

High-quality raw stuff, it's overall control at all production stages, rigid observance of technological process, sanitation and hygiene, and professional employees make the enterprise competitive both in domestic market and in foreign ones. Produce of the enterprises is already well-known to Russian consumers and being exported to Poland, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, etc. Employees are working at widening dairy and meat assortment regarding up-to-date market demand. Combination of latest processing technologies and traditional recipes gives confidence in competitiveness of the produce which is supported by numerous awards won at prestigious national and international contents.

Enterprises subordinate to the State Association “Vitebsk concern “Meat and dairy products” offer to sign in 2010 long-term delivery contracts for the following produce:

-         butter 72,5% and 82,5% fat. 100-700 tons per month;
-         hard cheese 45% and 50% fat. 50-150 tons per month;
-         skim milk powder 100-200 tons per month;
-         whole milk powder 50-100 tons per month$
-         canned meat and tinned milk (assorted) – from 500 thousand of conventional cans/tins.
Please, contact us by e-mail and send your offers to or fax +375 212 66 49 12.
Interested parties are invited for mutually beneficial cooperation!



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